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random stuffs of boredom~ (?) :dummy:

Created with MMD by light-usagiMicrosoft Paint by LumiResourcesAdobe Photoshop by LumiResources

Astrology Series - Aquarius by feiyan

(c) Luumies

(c) Renciel

Random Favourites

Axis Powers Hetalia~ Hetalia Stamp by zb5766 :heart:
Hetalia and Satw Stamp by SummerLovesPeaceHetalia and Satw Stamp by SummerLovesPeaceHetalia and Satw Stamp by SummerLovesPeace
[Stamp] I Love The Axis [?] by CabaiHitam
:iconredsparklesplz::iconluvluvplz:Chibi Netherlands Stamp by MeganeSnow:iconluvluvplz::iconredsparklesplz:
:iconredsparklesplz::iconluvluvplz:Aph Netherlands stamp by MeganeSnow:iconluvluvplz::iconredsparklesplz:
APH Mochitalia Stamp by megumimaruidesuAPH Mochi - Milktalia Stamp by megumimaruidesuHidekaz Himaruya Fan Stamp by pary16Hetalia animation stamp by Naru-Nisahetalia ending stamp by JulesieHetalia Stamp by hesitant-kissesStamp - Hetalia .:ONA:. by PixAlchemistHetalia flags stamp by natersalHetalia Family STAMP by dennybuttHetalia - GAY STAMP by CaptainKurfuffleHetalia - Axis Powers Stamp by Yuzuki-Nitsuhetalia kon parody stamp by crazysistahsDirty Little Secret APH Stamp by HokaidoPlanetHetalia Potato Freak Stamp by NekoBattousaiHetalia Halloween 2011 Stamp by dieingcityPARTY HARD stamp by those-silly-demonsDancing Chibi Stamp by veronica-the-foxChibitalia Stamp by HokaidoPlanetAPH-chibitalia stamp by sweet-tiramisuAPH: Axis Stamp by ChibikaedeRude stamp by veronica-the-foxStamp: K-On Prussia by MikuFregapaneHetalia MMD Stamp by xPomeriggioAxis Power Stamp by fourstardragonballAxis's Hips Don't Lie Stamp by PsorasisPrussia/Germany -Brothers- by SkaylytNyo!Axis Fan by ChokorettoMilkuThose ballet courses really paid off well by Tea-StrawberryAPH Italy Brothers Stamp by Summer-BunnyHetalia-Axis Stamp 2 by FlufffanXIII-2APH :: L'Oreal Stamp by u-sagiHave some Mochi Japan by Tea-StrawberryAPH Stamp by CheckermonsterTurkey Stamp : BLARGH POKE by ninjaasAPH Stamp - Italy's life by ChibiGaiaItaly is not as stupid as you think - Stamp by Arisu95Hetalia Fandom stamp by FearlessLullabyShipping: Character not Nation by SummerLovesPeaceThis needed to be said. [EDIT] by PsychopathLuxrayChina's Quote-APH by FlufffanXIII-2APH Yaoi, Yuri, and Het Stamp by SummerLovesPeaceAPH: Nyotalia Stamp by World-Wide-ShippingHetalia The Beautiful World (Logo Stamp) by World-Wide-ShippingIt Really Does Get Annoying.... by Frost-PPro  Spamano and Belgium stamp by Tea-StrawberryHetalia Girls Stamp by ShadiceMapleITS SRS BSNS GAIZ by BlobehILOVEHETALIAANYWAYBUTHONESTLY by SummerLovesPeaceDisco Pogo Stamp by WhiteShadow234FFS by queen-of-pieHetalia is NOT a yaoi anime .::Stamp::. by Indiaaaaa
APH Brotherly love - Italian version by Tea-StrawberryAPH Brotherly love - German version by Tea-StrawberryAPH Brotherly love - North American version by Tea-StrawberryAPH Sibling love - Dutch version by Tea-StrawberryAPH Sibling love - Slavic version by Tea-Strawberry
Ships for Lulz -FrUk version- by Tea-StrawberryShips for Lulz -UsUk version- by Tea-Strawberry
Fan of both  - Italy version- by Tea-StrawberryFan of both -APH Germany version- by Tea-StrawberryFan of both -France version- by Tea-StrawberryFan of both -APH China version- by Tea-StrawberryAPH: Fan of Both | England Version by ChokorettoMilkuAPH: Fan of Both | Japan Version by ChokorettoMilku
Romano Headcanon 01 by ChokorettoMilkuCuba Headcanon 01 by ChokorettoMilkuNyo!Canada Headcanon 01 by ChokorettoMilkuAPH: Germany Headcanon 03 by ChokorettoMilkuAPH: Switzerland Headcanon 02 by ChokorettoMilkuAPH: Indonesia Headcanon 01 by ChokorettoMilkuAPH: Zea-Wy Headcanon 01 by ChokorettoMilkuAPH: Mex-Piri-Headcanon 02 by ChokorettoMilkuAPH: Italy Brothers Headcanon 01 by ChokorettoMilku
Germany and Prussia relationship by ChokorettoMilkuEverything in this series is beautiful by ChokorettoMilkuForgotten countries by ChokorettoMilkuAPH Confession: America/Belarus ship by ChokorettoMilkuAPH Confession: Love/Hate pairings by ChokorettoMilkuAPH Confession: England x The World by ChokorettoMilkuAPH Confession: Love for all Nations by ChokorettoMilkuAPH Confession: Canada Complex by ChokorettoMilkuAPH Confession: Macho Mexicano que se respeta!(? by ChokorettoMilkuAPH Confession: Anti Hetalia Incest by ChokorettoMilku

Frying Pangle OT3 Stamp by World-Wide-ShippingBelarus x Poland x Lithuania OT3 Stamp by World-Wide-ShippingFrance x UK x Seychelles OT3 Stamp by World-Wide-ShippingUK x Spain x Netherlands OT3 Stamp by World-Wide-ShippingOlive Oil Trio OT3 Stamp by World-Wide-ShippingStray Trio (USA x Japan x UK) OT3 Stamp by World-Wide-ShippingStoic Trio (Holland x Germany x Sweden) OT3 Stamp by World-Wide-ShippingHungary x Austria x Switzerland OT3 Stamp by World-Wide-ShippingDenmark x Norway x Svalbard OT3 Stamp by World-Wide-ShippingMalaysia x Philippines x Indonesia OT3 Stamp by World-Wide-ShippingTomato Trio (Spain x Romano x Belgium) OT3 Stamp by World-Wide-ShippingSweden x Aland Islands x Finland OT3 Stamp by World-Wide-ShippingUK x Romania x Norway (Magic Trio) OT3 Stamp by World-Wide-ShippingCambodia x Laos x Burma OT3 Stamp by World-Wide-ShippingNetherlands x Germany x Italy OT3 Stamp by World-Wide-ShippingBrunei x Philippines x Mexico OT3 Stamp by World-Wide-ShippingAustralia x Indonesia x Netherlands OT3 Stamp by World-Wide-ShippingNetherlands x Indonesia x Suriname OT3 Stamp by World-Wide-ShippingBorneo Trio OT3 Stamp by World-Wide-ShippingSelf Govern Trio OT3 Stamp by World-Wide-Shipping
APH: GreenFarAla Shipper by ChokorettoMilkuAPH: BruPiriMex Shipper by ChokorettoMilkuAPH: NethIndoSuri Shipper by ChokorettoMilkuAPH: MaPhilIndo Shipper by ChokorettoMilkuAPH: TurGreUkr Shipper by ChokorettoMilkuAPH: SweAlaFin Shipper by ChokorettoMilku
OT3 Stamp by Jaserli


trust me i don't bite
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
I won't introduce myself here so do not expect me to do so (and I know nobody wants to).

:iconsmilederpplz: :iconderpcraiplz: :iconderppfftplz:
^my actual faces^

Bahasa Indonesia Level: Expert by junorevBT EN Language Level stamp3 by Faeth-designJP Language Level stamp2 by Faeth-designChina lang2 by Faeth-designSpanish lang by Faeth-design
:iconrequestsask::icontradesask::iconcollabsopen::iconcommissionsclosed::iconpointcommishesclosed::icongiftsfriendsonly::iconnokiribans:ACEOs - Ask Me by SweetDuke
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、ヽ`ヽ`、ヽ``、ヽ`、ヽ`ヽ`、、ヽ`ヽ`、ヽ``、ヽ`、ヽ`ヽ`、、ヽ`ヽ`、ヽ``、ヽ`、ヽ`ヽ`、、ヽ`ヽ`、ヽマッテェ(ノ;Д;)ノ `、、ヽ`☂ヽ`、ヽ``、ヽ`、ヽ`ヽ`、、ヽ`ヽ`、ヽ``、ヽ`、ヽ`ヽ`、、ヽ`ヽ`、ヽ``、ヽ`、ヽ`ヽ`、、ヽ、ヽ`ヽ`、ヽ``

Plzs made by me : :iconrochuglompplz::iconsufinglompplz:

join mY GROUPS PLS : :iconneth-x-nesia: :iconestonia-x-latvia:


(c) Shintini-konamai

(c) Natz-25

:iconredsparklesplz:Monthly Event  January -Netherlands- by Tea-Strawberry:iconluvluvplz:Monthly Event  January -Indonesia- by Tea-Strawberry:iconredsparklesplz:
:iconredsparklesplz:APH Netherlands Stamp by megumimaruidesuShips by Tea-StrawberryIndonesia OC Stamp 8D by Kamadoka13:iconredsparklesplz:
APH Netherlands x Indonesia Stamp by megumimaruidesuAPH: NethNesia Stamp RE-UPLOAD by megumimaruidesu.::APH Netherlands x Indonesia Stamp::. by megumimaruidesu
Nethnesia Certified - Stamp by World-Wide-ShippingNetherlands x OC! Indonesia -I LOVE- by JaserliAPH OTP Button : NethNesia by APHStamps98I support NethNesia stamp by Mion-chii20
APH: Netherlands x Indonesia Stamp by ChokorettoMilkuAPH: Netherlands x Fem!Indonesia Stamp by ChokorettoMilkuAPH: Netherlands x Male!Indonesia Stamp by ChokorettoMilkuAPH: Nyo!Netherlands x Fem!Indonesia Stamp by ChokorettoMilkuAPH: Nyo!Netherlands x Male!Indonesia Stamp by ChokorettoMilku
:iconredsparklesplz:UK x Spain x Netherlands OT3 Stamp by World-Wide-Shipping:iconluvluvplz:Malaysia x Philippines x Indonesia OT3 Stamp by World-Wide-Shipping:iconredsparklesplz:
^because i can^
:iconredsparklesplz:Netherlands x Indonesia x Suriname OT3 Stamp by World-Wide-ShippingAPH: NethIndoSuri Shipper by ChokorettoMilku:iconredsparklesplz:
OT3 Stamp by Jaserli

The Quad Squad~ :heart:
APH Ship Badge - GreenFar by World-Wide-ShippingAPH Ship Badge - Nethnesia by World-Wide-ShippingAPH Ship Badge - BruPhil by World-Wide-ShippingAPH Ship Badge - GerIta by World-Wide-Shipping
Greenland mochi avatar by megumimaruidesuFaroe Islands mochi avatar by megumimaruidesu:heart:Free Netherlands mochi avatar by megumimaruidesuFree Indonesia mochi avatar by megumimaruidesu:heart:Brunei mochi avatar by megumimaruidesuPhilippines mochi avatar by megumimaruidesu:heart:Free Germany mochi avatar by HetaliaMoldovaFree Italy Veneciano mochi avatar by HetaliaMoldova
APH Greenland x Faroe Islands Stamp by megumimaruidesuAPH Netherlands x Indonesia Stamp by megumimaruidesuAPH Brunei x Philippines Stamp by megumimaruidesuAPH Germany x Italy Stamp by megumimaruidesu
.: Greenland x Faroe Islands Stamp by ChokorettoMilku.: Netherlands x Indonesia Stamp by ChokorettoMilku.: Brunei x Philippines Stamp by ChokorettoMilku.: Germany x North Italy Stamp by ChokorettoMilku
GreenFar is my Hetalia OTP by ChokorettoMilkuNethIndo is my Hetalia OTP by ChokorettoMilkuBruPhil is my Hetalia OTP by ChokorettoMilkuGerIta Is My Hetalia OTP by ChokorettoMilku
I Ship GreenFar by ChokorettoMilkuI Ship NethIndo by ChokorettoMilkuI Ship BruPhil by ChokorettoMilkuI Ship GerIta by ChokorettoMilku
APH: Faroe Islands x Greenland Stamp by ChokorettoMilkuAPH: Netherlands x Indonesia Stamp by ChokorettoMilkuAPH: Brunei x Philippines Stamp by ChokorettoMilkuAPH: Germany x Italy Stamp by ChokorettoMilku
Keep Calm and Ship GreenFar by ChokorettoMilkuKeep Calm and Ship NethIndo by ChokorettoMilkuKeep Calm and Ship BruPhil by ChokorettoMilkuKeep Calm and Ship GerIta by ChokorettoMilku
Hetalia GreenFar Stamp by World-Wide-ShippingHetalia Nethnesia Stamp by World-Wide-ShippingHetalia BruPhil Stamp by World-Wide-ShippingHetalia GerIta Stamp by kamillyanna
GreenFaroe - Switch Stamp by World-Wide-ShippingNethNesia - Switch Stamp by World-Wide-ShippingBruPhil - Switch Stamp by World-Wide-ShippingGerIta - Switch Stamp by World-Wide-Shipping
GreenFar APH SHIPPING STAMP by World-Wide-ShippingNethnesia APH SHIPPING STAMP by World-Wide-ShippingBruPhil APH SHIPPING STAMP by World-Wide-ShippingGerIta APH SHIPPING STAMP by World-Wide-Shipping
Hetalia GL x FO - Stamp by World-Wide-ShippingHetalia NL x ID - Stamp by World-Wide-ShippingHetalia BN x PH - Stamp by World-Wide-ShippingHetalia DE x IT - Stamp by World-Wide-Shipping
Hetalia GreenFar Fan - Stamp by World-Wide-ShippingHetalia Nethnesia Fan - Stamp by World-Wide-ShippingHetalia BruPhil Fan - Stamp by World-Wide-ShippingHetalia GerIta Fan - Stamp by World-Wide-Shipping
APH FC/OC: OC! Greenland x OC! Faroe Islands by JaserliNetherlands x OC! Indonesia -OTP- by JaserliAPH FC/OC: OC! Brunei x OC! Philippines by JaserliGerIta OTP by Jaserli
APH : Greenland x Faroe Islands Flag Stamp by APHStamps98APH :Netherlands x Indonesia Flag Stamp by APHStamps98APH : Brunei x Philippines Flag Stamp by APHStamps98Italy x  Germany by aph-lovers
APH: GreenFarAla Shipper by ChokorettoMilkuAPH: NethIndoSuri Shipper by ChokorettoMilkuAPH: BruPiriMex Shipper by ChokorettoMilkuAPH: GerItaPan Shipper by ChokorettoMilku
Self Govern Trio OT3 Stamp by World-Wide-ShippingNetherlands x Indonesia x Suriname OT3 Stamp by World-Wide-ShippingBrunei x Philippines x Mexico OT3 Stamp by World-Wide-ShippingThe Axis OT3 Stamp by World-Wide-Shipping

Feed me with NETHNESIA by ChokorettoMilkuFeed me with FrUk by ChokorettoMilkuFeed me with USAMEX ver.1 by ChokorettoMilkuFeed me with SUFIN by ChokorettoMilkuFeed me with ROMABEL by ChokorettoMilkuFeed me with DENNOR by ChokorettoMilkuFeed me with SPAMANO by ChokorettoMilkuFeed me with PRUHUN by ChokorettoMilkuFeed me with PRUSWITZ by ChokorettoMilkuFeed me with NORENG by ChokorettoMilkuFeed me with LIETBELA by ChokorettoMilkuFeed me with PRUROM by ChokorettoMilku
FrUK OTP Stamp by World-Wide-ShippingSpamano OTP Stamp by World-Wide-ShippingAusSwiss OTP Stamp by World-Wide-ShippingThaiViet OTP Stamp by World-Wide-ShippingCuCan OTP Stamp by World-Wide-ShippingRoChu OTP Stamp by World-Wide-ShippingEstoLat OTP Stamp by World-Wide-ShippingBelaLiech OTP Stamp by World-Wide-ShippingRoBul OTP Stamp by World-Wide-ShippingMonaSey OTP Stamp by World-Wide-ShippingAussieZealand OTP Stamp by World-Wide-ShippingNethGer OTP Stamp by World-Wide-ShippingItaAme OTP Stamp by World-Wide-ShippingHongTai OTP Stamp by World-Wide-ShippingRomaBelg OTP Stamp by World-Wide-ShippingPruHun OTP Stamp by World-Wide-ShippingNethBel OTP Stamp by World-Wide-ShippingSuFin OTP Stamp by World-Wide-ShippingSwissBelg OTP Stamp by World-Wide-ShippingTaiViet OTP Stamp by World-Wide-ShippingHongIce OTP Stamp by World-Wide-ShippingDenNor OTP Stamp by World-Wide-ShippingCamSey OTP Stamp by World-Wide-ShippingSeaWy OTP Stamp by World-Wide-ShippingLietPol OTP Stamp by World-Wide-Shipping

History Supports My OTP by lupisashesOTP Stamp by agrajagthetestyIR Support My OTP by lupisashes
SS OTP by 1FoxyladyWhat's that? You hate my OTP? by The-Clockwork-CrowBickering OTP by straw-hat

Hetalia America x Burger! by kamillyannaAPH IceFridge Hearts Couple Stamp by World-Wide-Shipping

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WildBerry83 1 day ago  Hobbyist General Artist
:heart: Thanks for the watch~! :hug:
(1 Reply)
Mion-chii20 2 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Megu~!! :iconyuihugplz: Can you do "I love my Philippines' Regions OC/FC" and "I love my Guam OC" stamp??

btw! You can shortcut the Philippines to PH ;;u;;
(1 Reply)
TevyTevyFJ 4 days ago  Hobbyist Artist
ngg-- megu-- saya bisa request?? ; w ;
boleh nggak kalau saya minta icon-nya OC-ku Kiribati-??? Ini gambarnya -->
maaf kalo gambarnya jelek //nangis
Mion-chii20 5 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
M-Megu?? Can you be mein bestfriend?? ;;u;;
(1 Reply)
Flandrensis-of-Artic Apr 13, 2014  New member Student Digital Artist
Hey meg! It's me EnderDarkfire but in a new account! :3
(1 Reply)
lxpresa Apr 13, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
May I have a request of Belarus x Taiwan in this style?

APH Japan x Philippines Stamp ver.2 by megumimaruidesu
(1 Reply)
Mion-chii20 Apr 8, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Megumi!!! Can i request something? Can you do a Philippines Icon just like this one? You can use the Philippines here >>

And.. Can you make Taiwan x Philippines, Vietnam X Philippines in this stamp style and is it okay that you'll use the Philippines icon? and is it okay if you change the Japan X Philippines stamp and put the Philippines icon in it? sorry for my bad english ;;A;;

It's alright if you don't want to ;;u;;
(1 Reply)
Oceancitrus97 Apr 8, 2014  New member Student Traditional Artist
thanks for the watch!
(1 Reply)
Natz-25 Apr 5, 2014  Student General Artist
hayy meguuu~ :iconchuuplz:
aku mau request stamp dong!
bisa buatin Chibi Pop pairingnya Hungary x Taiwan, Seychelles x Vietnam, sama Ukraine x Monaco? :3
crack pairing is crack :iconmingcryplz:
//ignores pls
(1 Reply)
Ambroski Apr 5, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
*Waddles on by again*Caan I request another stamp? As always, in the chibi heads stamp style, and the pairing being Prussia x South Korea? ouo
(1 Reply)
hipster-stars Apr 5, 2014  New member Hobbyist General Artist
i just wanted to ask if i could commission you for/request a chibi pop-up icon like you did here… or a mochi icon ; u ;
(1 Reply)
lxpresa Apr 5, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
May I request Japan x Belarus, Belarus x Taiwan and Japan x Taiwan in this style?
(1 Reply)
tbh I really wanted you to introduce yourself
And I was wondering if we could talk more, you seem as a gentle and caring persona and I really like that

and I have my madagascar OC and it would be so cool if your Malasya participates in my Oc project bc Malasya had a lot of influences in Madagascar
(2 Replies)
Hey I was wondering if I could get this stamp updated?:

and use this instead?:

thanks in advance!
(1 Reply)
Weniiii Mar 30, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Hiii >w<
May I request a stamp? *u* 
(1 Reply)
thepinkiest Mar 26, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
makasih watchnya~~ :iconasdfghplz:
watch balik ah~~
(1 Reply)
HElCHOU Mar 22, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Aaah~ Thanks a bunch for the watch~! ;w;
(1 Reply)
Mion-chii20 Mar 22, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Meguuuuuuuuuu~!! :iconglompplz: What is the name of your Indonesia??
//hides ;;u;;
(1 Reply)
Luftwaffeliot Mar 22, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Ah, dang it. I missed the requests XD

(1 Reply)
maker1888 Mar 21, 2014  Student Digital Artist
I'm gonna let you know that I'm adding you to my watch!
reason: I love your stamps 
(1 Reply)
Humblehistorian Mar 20, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you for the fave! :D
(1 Reply)
Ambroski Mar 16, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Iffff you still have your stamp requests open, may I request a TurkeyxPrussia stamp in the Chibi Heads stamp style? =u=
(1 Reply)
Hi there!I saw your stamps and if I can, request a few,maybe?If you want to.:)
(1 Reply)
ShadiceMaple Mar 10, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist

There's no need to watch me back... ;A;; I don't deserve itttt...
(1 Reply)
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